RCAA assembles professionals from various fields for each project. From professionals’ perspective, we provide appropriate assessments and consulting services.


  • We negotiate with a designated contractor of a building owner and provide appropriate assessment of building restoration costs.
  • We support you to move out a building without restoration.
  • We have assessed over 1,000 cases including listed companies.
  • We have accurate assessment capability.
  • Our professional team firmly supports you.
  • Our services are available nationwide.
  • We promise you will leave the building on good terms with the building owner.
  • We are subject to commit to strict confidentiality.


Our 3 core pillars of realizing business objectives


  1. Facility Management System
    This is the system for optimizing the office environment. For example, the idea is to make effective use of existing facilities and equipment.
  2. Construction Management System
    This is the system for integrated work processes.This management system makes office relocation more efficient and reduces the costs.
  3. Value Engineering Cost Reduction System
    This is the system to reduce costs of office relocation, to optimize office space and then to add business values.


Based on the three core pillars above, we aim to be environment-friendly by supporting office relocation, offering site surveys, appropriate assessments etc. rather than the scrap-and-build approach.


Seven Core Value


We put the following values into practice and realize our corporate mission and vision.


  1. Being challenging and passionate
    We analyze and verify the existing concepts of society and continue creating the ideal philosophy. We pursue ideals and keep being enthusiastic.
  2. Feeling the essence of the matter
    We accumulate knowledge as a professional through self-study, self-learning, and practice. We apply the knowledge to the practice and open our own paths.
  3. Visualizing problems with fairness and transparency
  4. Openness and involvement
  5. Seeing and feeling the scene, the reality, and the current situation, we put it into our own words and increase the value of the reality.
  6. Best performance
  7. Having aesthetics in life and taking pride in our job.