Directors and Auditors

Name Position
President: Hiromi Hagiwara Work strategist of the association, and CEO of 3A Corporation, Inc.
Director: Takeshi Hotta Real estate notary of the association, and executive officer of 3A Corporation

Restoration and B Construction assessor

Director: Tomoyuki Ogawa First-class architect and managing architect of the association

President of OGAWA Life Design Corporation

Restoration and B construction assessor

Director: Kayoko Sunakawa Public Relations
Auditor: HyonSook Yu

Attorney at Law

Name Position
Kei Noma Representative Attorney, Tokyo Yamate Law Office
Katsuhito Yokokume Representative Attorney, LEGALO


Name Position
Financial Advisor: Yasushi Makino Representative Certified Public Tax Accountant of Makino Accounting Corporation

Certified Public Accountant

Kazumi Yanagita Former member of the House of Representatives

Chairman of the Board, S.Y. Estate Ltd.