Assessment Results

Building Restoration Cost Assessments: 150

We would like to introduce 150 companies that have partially excerpted the latest achievements in reducing restoration costs of RCAA Association. We hope that you will get a feel for the market price in terms of restoration costs based on this material. (December 2021)

Average reduction record 35.88%!
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B Construction Assessments: 50

When moving into a new contracted office, the work of changing the specifications of the building at the request of the lessee is called “B work”. Here, we would like to introduce 50 companies that have partially excerpted the latest results of B construction assessment by RCAA Association. (December 2021)

Average reduction record 32.72%!
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Building Restoration, B Construction, and PM results: 1,000

Introducing the achievements (1,000 excerpts) centered on the reduction of restoration costs of RCAA Association and B construction and PM. (December 2021)