Greetings from President


“Designing workplace means to consider the future working style.”


The world is now in the turning point of the history.

Due to the pandemic, we have faced with rapid development of remote work, fast-paced changes in technologies, and diversification of individual values.


Do we really need “workplace”? What is “workplace” for?


Physical workspace is changing. We need to think about the meaning of workplace. Now is the time to redefine all businesses, lifestyles, and workplaces. Who knows answers?  We connect with people everywhere and create new values. We create your workplaces with you. There is no perfect package. It is necessary to have “flexibility”, “connectivity”, “communication”, “global perspective”, and “customizability” to adapt to an uncertain social situation.



Absolute values

Earth-friendly (Environmentally friendly SDGs values)

Human-friendly (Our activities create happiness.)



We aim to realize these values through workplaces.

There is the biggest barrier to real estate leases in Japan, which are “No sublease” and “Building restoration” & “B Construction for relocation” by designated contractors that require to restore back to the original state. This is current monopoly market in Japan.


We redefine restoration, B construction and subleasing to break down the biggest barrier to realizing ideal workplaces for pursuing a better future through our activities.


September 2021

President: Hiromi Hagiwara





Workplace Strategist

We envision and create workplaces where people take the lead, and where is environmental-friendly.


One Stop Service

We create new workplaces with you. (From a package deal contract to an agent contract)



Through proper assessment of building restoration and B construction, we aim to reuse and recycle from scrap and build. (To a sustainable society)




Focusing on the gap between ideals and reality, we have been Solution Provider by continuously creating and challenging in the consolidation of offices and stores/shops.




Name Restoration Construction Assessment Advisory
Representative President: Hiromi Hagiwara
Address 2-5-3 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Establishment May 12, 2017
Contact Toll-Free: 0800-888-5702

Email: info_rcaa@rcaa.or.jp

Fax: +81-3-6859-5888

Business Description Through the proper assessment of building restoration cost, we aim to reduce wastes and CO2 emissions at the time of relocations, and to have eco-friendly effects. To accomplish the objectives, we conduct businesses following as below.


  1. Promoting the spread of information of sustainability that leaving the building without any restoration is the most environmentally friendly way at the relocation.
  2. Providing total environmental services for relocation sites.
  3. Offering free assessment and diagnosis for costs of restoration if required at the source of building relocation.
  4. Marketing services to new tenants of rental buildings
  5. Providing optimal environmentally friendly services and products to tenants of leased buildings
  6. Educating and training restoration diagnosis assessors.
  7. Developing restoration assessor’s qualification exam.
  8. Real estate sales, leasing, and management, as well as brokerage and services for these activities
  9. Other businesses incidental and related to the businesses listed in the preceding items
Board Members Director: Takeshi Hotta

Director:  Tomoyuki Ogawa

Director: Kayoko Sunakawa

Auditor: Hyon Sook Yu

Legal Advisor:  Kei Noma (Representative Attorney from Tokyo Yamate Law Office)

Financial Accounting Advisor: Yasushi Makino (Representative tax accountant)